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Press Releases

Middle East 'Shipyard of the Year' Chooses the Autoship System Software
Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada is pleased to announce a new installation of its Autoship Pro (hull design), and Autohydro Pro (hydrostatics & stability) to Arab Shipbuilding Repair Yard (ASRY) of Bahrain.

ASRY has been a ship repair service yard since its inception in 1977. In 2011 ASRY was named ‘Shipyard of the Year’ by Lloyds List Awards, Middle East and Indian Sub-Continent.

ASRY plans on expanding its in-house engineering capabilities by building a team of naval architects.  ASRY’s new Manager of Engineering & Design Projects, Mr. Sauvir Sarkar states: “I’ve previously used the Autoship System for various projects over the years, and when I came to ASRY one of the first things on my list was to purchase licences of Autoship Pro, Autopower & Autohydro Pro. Now my team can develop new hull design projects and produce stability books for the ships that ASRY converts and repairs.” For more information on the capabilities of Arab Shipbuilding Repair Yard please go to:

Autohydro main screen in action

The Autoship System CAM/CAM suite consists of Autoship (hull design), Autopower (resistance & power prediction), Autohydro (hydrostatics & stability), Autoplate (plate expansion), Autostructure (internal structural design), and Production Manager (nesting & parts management).  

A new set of 2013 releases for the entire Autoship System suite is now available for the User Group, which has expanded to over 1,500 companies.

ASC is a marine software developer based in Vancouver, Canada. For over 30 years, ASC has been producing first class software design solutions for naval architects and marine engineers around the world. ASC has also been providing world-class load planning systems and loading instruments to the marine shipping industry.  

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