Press Releases
Press Releases

Visit ASC at Booth 1015 at the Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas, USA
Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) will be exhibiting their market leading on-board stability software and marine design CAD/CAM programs at booth 1015 in the Canadian Pavilion at the 2018 Offshore Technology Conference. The conference will be held at the Reliant Centre in Houston, Texas from April 30th to May 3rd. OTC’s focus is on the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. It’s one of the largest trade shows held in the United States.

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Stop by for a chat or to view a live demo of the latest developments in ASC’s load planning software. Autoload® is a robust, intuitive, easy to use program that offers a simple to understand display of key hydrostatic values that are critical for safe vessel loading. With minimal input from the user, the program provides a quick and accurate assessment of the vessel’s current stability status, loads and important margins. The user is then free to make critical decisions while the computer takes care of the mathematical complexity. The basic system uses a 3D model and has a simple control for weights. Additional modules can be added for more complex control of weights, i.e. bay plan for containers and deck plan for ro-ro cargo. It can be connected directly to the fleet’s booking system to import cargo booking and vessel scheduling data. The cargo stowage plan is developed in deck plan views and can be shown in 3D. Autoload has been installed on some of the most technically advanced vessels in the world.

The CAD/CAM product line provides the tools for the completion of the full design package for all types of ship and boat building projects, from hull lines through to nested parts. Products include Autoship® Pro (hull design + surface modelling), Autohydro® Pro (hydrostatics + stability), Autostructure® (internal structural design), Production Manager™ (nesting and other production support), Autopower® (resistance and powering prediction) and Autoplate® (plate design, expansion and management system).

For over 35 years, Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) has been producing innovative software design solutions for naval architects and marine engineers around the world. ASC has also been providing world-class load planning systems and loading instruments to the marine shipping industry.

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