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3D Modelling and Detailed Design
Bentley AutoPLANT® Piping™ is an object based 3D piping system design and modelling application that runs on AutoCAD®. The system is built on powerful object oriented technology, yet it is easy to use and customize. The software enables users to interactively route and place piping components in a 3D environment. Piping can be used to generate orthographic and isometric drawings and report quantities from the 3D model.

AutoPLANT Piping provides state-of-the-art 3D modelling capabilities previously unavailable in any AutoCAD-based package. This capability is achieved through ObjectARX technology, using 3D objects to represent plant components. These custom objects provide superior representations from any viewing perspective while using a fraction of the file size required using standard AutoCAD shapes.

AutoPLANT Key Features:

  • Use standard AutoCAD commands (move, stretch, copy, mirror, etc.)
  • Modular menu layout groups components together by type (HVAC, cable tray, conduit, Instruments, plastic piping, ductile iron, high purity and tubing)
  • Insert one or more items into an existing pipe segment
  • Create and insert assemblies of components
  • Display single or double line representations
  • Single line components display correctly in all views
  • Flexible placement features
  • Fitting-to-fitting
  • Relative placement from a component or other
    known point (wall, building column, etc.)
  • Alignment to intersection with ports on other components
  • Insert from any point on a component (such as the branch, center, or run of a tee)
  • Automatically aligns to ports of connected components

Specification Driven
Piping utilizes a "spec driven" design approach, which maximizes quality by ensuring compliance with applicable design criteria. Active database links ensure correlation between the graphical and descriptive data in the model.

AutoPLANT Piping includes hundreds of catalogues representing either dimensional standards or manufacturer specific components. These catalogues include hundreds of thousands of items used to create specific specifications for your project requirements. Components placed in a design model are parametric objects with a high degree of intelligence.

AutoPLANT Piping works seamlessly with other Bentley design and information management technologies. The 3D piping model is automatically integrated with the schematic information entered using Bentley Datasheets, P&ID, or Instrumentation. Powerful creation and checking tools verify the consistency and completeness of the piping design. The Bentley plant project database can also be integrated with your plant and business systems to make the most of your valuable information investments.

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Autostructure and AutoPLANT
In order to provide Autostructure users with a piping design solution, there is a mechanism for partially automated data exchange between AutoPLANT and Autostructure. The underlying principle is that piping designers do not make changes to structure, rather they request changes, which are then reviewed and acted upon by structure designers.

The Design Process

The Structure Designer
1. The structure design is produced in Autostructure.
2. The structure designer then exports the model to AutoPLANT.

The Piping Designer
1. In AutoPLANT, the piping designer is prompted to select penetrating pipes and confirm their locations.
2. At the end of the design session, a penetration report is written.

The Structure Designer
1. In the Autostructure Penetration Report Screen dialogue, the structure designer reviews each penetration request.
2. The structure designer decides to accept or reject the penetrations, perform necessary cutting, reinforcing, etc.
3. His decisions are sent back to the piping designer.

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