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Please fill in the questionnaire below so that we can present a detailed proposal back to you.




1. What type of marine engineering projects does your company specialize in?

Yacht Design
Aluminum Vessel Design
Steel Vessel Design
Offshore Structures

2. List your company's current design process to produce the vessel's drawings, eg. AutoCAD™, manual drawing, etc.

3. Describe areas where you are looking to improve upon efficiencies through the use of marine design software:

4. List any key features required in the programs you are
interested in:

5. Select the Autoship System programs you would use on your next design project. A Price Quote and Terms will be forwarded for your consideration.

Autoship (hull design/surface modeling)
Autohydro (hydrostatics and stability)
Autopower (resistance and power prediction)
Autostructure (internal structural design)
Production Manager (parts management and NC nesting)
Autoplate (shell expansion)
Autoload (onboard stability calculator)

6. Do you have a specific timeline for introducing the Autoship Systems programs into a project?

1-2 months 3-4 months 5-6 months

7. Do you have any naval architects with prior experience in using Autoship System software?

8. Would your company like to receive a live, internet demonstration of The Autoship System? Yes No

9. Level of Interest
Please select your level of interest in Autoship's naval architecture and ship production programs.

I'm seeking general information about marine design programs on the market. Please send me an Autoship System catalogue.
I'm actively seeking more information and need to speak with a representative in order to make an informed decision soon.
I want to use the Autoship System on my next project, but I'm not sure which programs to implement first.
I've made up my mind and I want to be presented with a Price Quote and Terms ASAP!
I've done my research, and the Autoship System will be my company's preferred marine CAD/CAM software.

10. How did you hear about Autoship Systems Corporation (required)?
Magazine, which one?
Other? Please explain

11. Would you like to be added to our e-mail list and receive Autoship Systems' periodic Press Releases? Yes No

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Your information will be held in confidence and will only be used by Autoship's Sales Department to help serve you better.

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