Press Releases
Press Releases

Autohydro Pro Streamlines the Classification Approval Process
Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) in collaboration with their Italian Reseller, Stefano Thermes of Navalia, are pleased to announce RINA Services S.p.A used ASC’s Autohydro Pro (hydrostatics and stability software) for Classification Approval (intact & damage) for two new superyachts; m/y Utopia IV and m/y Aurora.

Utopia Vessel

"I am pleased to give you notice that thanks to Autohydro Pro we have been able to carry out the stability approval (intact and damage) of the beautiful m/y Utopia IV and the outstanding m/y Aurora, both built by RossiNavi shipyard and classed by RINA. Use of Autohydro Pro enabled us to carry out the documentation appraisal in a fast and efficient way and simplified the flow of data between us and the designer, taking advantage of remarkable time saving. I wish to express my appreciation for the friendly and competent support you have given us to carry out this task." - Flavio Faloci, Senior Engineer – Italy Yachting Plan Approval, RINA Services S.p.A

Autohydro is a complete hydrostatics and stability calculations program for naval architects, ship designers and marine engineers. A true 'floating simulator', Autohydro reports the reaction of the model to various conditions such as a loading configuration, a damage situation, conditions involving outside forces, wind or high speed turning momentum or some combination of these. Autohydro can also be used to obtain hull form characteristics and capacities. Vessel attitude is displayed graphically and in text on the screen. Report information, text and graphs, can be shown on the screen, printed, saved or exported to other Windows® applications. The latest release offers full compliance with new IMO resolution MSC.415(97) for Anchor Handling and Towing Operation on Voluntary basis. The IMO requirement or amendment to the 2008 IS code will take effect on January 1st, 2020.

Stefano Thermes of Navalia has been an ASC Reseller in Italy and Egypt for over 30 years. Navalia offers marine consulting services in addition to selling and servicing Autoship software. Mr. Thermes provided exceptional technical support while both superyachts underwent the RINA approval process.

Autoship Systems Corporation is a marine software developer of load planning software, loading instrument software and integrated CAD/CAM programs. For almost 40 years ASC has continued to provide innovative software solutions that save customers’ valuable time and money on each project they undertake.

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