Press Releases
Press Releases

Autoship Supplies Marine Design Software to Brodoprojekt of Serbia
Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada is pleased to supply Brodoprojekt (Beograd, Serbia) with Autoship for hull design and Autohydro for hydrostatics and stability. This suite of programs offers an integrated approach to naval architecture for this leading and innovative design office.

Brodoprojekt Image
Example of the diverse pleasure craft designed by Brodoprojekt

Founded in 2002, Brodoprojekt offers marine engineering services to the shipbuilding sector in Eastern Europe and abroad. The company has completed or participated in over 120 projects including vessels for inland navigation, mega-yachts, catamarans and high speed patrol boats.

“As the demand for our projects grew in complexity, we needed to introduce a modern CAD/CAM suite of software tools, and finally decided upon the Autoship and Autohydro due to several technical reasons, including the shared interface between the two programs, and some design and draft options other programs didn’t offer.” Chief Naval Architect Mr. Sasa Djordevic says. “We also noted their continuous improvement to the software as reflected by on-going new releases and their reputation of excellent technical support is widely known.”

Autoship Systems Corporation is a marine software developer of CAD/CAM and onboard stability programs. For the past 35 years, ASC has provided leading software solutions to the marine industry.

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