Press Releases
Press Releases

Autohydro Hydrostatics and Stability Software’s User Base Continues to Expand
Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada continues to expand the user base of its Autohydro (hydrostatics and stability) software throughout the naval architecture sector.

During the past year 20 new licences of Autohydro have been successfully installed at various global shipyards and naval architecture offices. ASC attributes their expanding user base to Autohydro's well established user base bringing it industry recognition amongst peers as the 'go-to-software' when required to perform hydrostatic calculations and completing stability books for all vessel types.  

The hydrostatic and stability software market has several players and developers with Autohydro always being a leader. Their emphasis in offering the best-in-class user interface leads to an intuitive use of the program. This especially suits naval architects who might use the program only once or twice a year because it reduces the time needed to become re-familiar with the software. In addition, ASC’s commitment to 'continual-improvement' based on user feedback, meeting new Class regulations and internal planned development is one of the reasons why Autohydro continues to be the leader compared to similar programs offered.

Clients with new Autohydro installations include:

A.T. Suministros S.A.


Asmar Magailanes Chile
Astilleros Arica S.A. Chile
Brodoprojekt d.o.o. Serbia
Dalian Maritime University China
Deltatek Offshore Limited Nigeria
Dietswell S.A.  France
Estaleiro Atlantico Sul Brazil
Katahara Shipyard Japan
National Taiwan Ocean University Taiwan
Nirman Jayarathne Australia
Negocios Industriales Real Nirsa S. A. Ecuador
Orbis Marine Consult GbR Germany
Osprey Shipping UK
Paradigm Ship Surveyors China
RINA   Italy
S & 0 Maritime Services Pvt Ltd India
Theia AS Norway
Twentyone Knots Design & Consulting India
West Sea - Estalairos Navais, Lda Portugal

For over 35 years, Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) has been producing innovative software design solutions for naval architects and marine engineers around the world. ASC has also been providing world-class load planning systems and loading instruments to the marine shipping industry.

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