Press Releases
Press Releases

Autohydro® Stability Software Supplied to Leading UAE Naval Architects
Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada are pleased to report the recent expansion of their Autohydro user base in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With several naval architect offices in UAE using Autohydro, the program is now considered the industry standard in the region.

Autoload Onboard Stability
Pipe Layer shown in Autohydro’s Modelmaker

Autohydro is a complete hydrostatics and stability calculations program for naval architects, ship designers and marine engineers. A true 'floating simulator', Autohydro reports the reaction of the model to various conditions such as a loading configuration, a damage situation, conditions involving outside forces, wind or high speed turning momentum or some combination of these. Autohydro can also be used to obtain hull form characteristics and capacities and evaluate stability criteria. Vessel attitude is displayed graphically and in text on the screen. Report information, text and graphs, can be shown on the screen, edited, printed, saved or exported to other Windows applications.

UAE Autohydro clients include: Albwardy Marine Engineering, ALE Middle East, Al Yash Marine Consultants, Aries Marine & Engineering Services, Cleghorn, Wilton & Associates, Emirates Marine Services, Focus Marine, Great Waters Maritime, Henderson International, MatthewsDaniel, Navispec Marine Services, Petrofac Emirates, and Technomak Marine.

Several of these clients are taking advantage of Autohydro’s companion program Autoload®, a 3D based onboard stability and strength simulation system. The software covers all aspects of ship-load planning and can be fully integrated into the global information system of the shipping company. Typically, the installation is configured by ASC, however, in some cases the naval architect office is able to prepare the setup, at a great boost to their revenues.

For over 35 years, ASC has been producing first class software design solutions for naval architects and marine engineers around the world. They are committed to continual new development of Autohydro so that their valued customers benefit by being able to work more efficiently. For more information email

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